Thursday, August 17, 2006

Bye For Now

Well girls, the time has come for me to take a temporary, but very likely permanent, hiatus from life as La Pulga Diva...due to some major life changes, I won't have regular internet access for quite a while...and I'm not sure if I'll have time to devote to keeping up this blog once I have a computer again!

I'll leave the blog published so that you can use the sidebar as a reference for all the great style blogs and sites out the meantime, for you blogger fashionistas, I'll be looking forward to reading your posts as always! This has been a lot of fun - thanks for reading!

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hot Mama

Dress, Vintage Secondhand
Sandals, Secondhand

Took a trip home recently and I had to take a picture of Pulga Mama's outfit - already rocking the shirt dress trend at a pulga price, that's my mom!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Creature Comforts

Pulga Honey is a no frills kinda guy. He likes comfy, practical clothes that are high on quality and low on fuss. So imagine his thrill when we got our robes and slippers from Fredi & Sons - the same company that makes robes for luxury hotels like the Four Seasons and the Ritz sells their wares online!

The Microfibre robes are the best - soft and cozy without being too bulky. Score yours here or here.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Beloved Bloomies

Cynthia Rowley, $90

Holy moly, I can hardly believe it! Get an EXTRA 50% off sale items at Bloomingdales! I just bought a lucious red satin BCBG formal for $60! Enter "save50" at checkout.

Monday, August 07, 2006

A Lucky Pulga

Dress, Punky Style
Bag, vintage gift from Pulga Honey
Shoes, Lulu's Fashion Lounge

Yesterday I mentioned a vintage bag my boyfriend surprised me with. It is a cognac quilted leather bag (chevron pattern, not checks), with a caviar strap. Here's the outfit I wore with it to Sunday brunch.

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Playing with Scarves

Scarf, gift
Belt, $2 Secondhand
Pants, Gap sale

Purse, Vintage Amore

Pulga Honey surprised me this past weekend with a vintage bag (I'll post pics tommorrow) that I have been salivating over for weeks, but was too cheap to buy, and by taking me to one of the nicest restaurants in Pulgaville. My man is the BEST, I am such a lucky girl!!!

I wanted to wear something special for the occasion, and came upon a scarf my best friend brought me from her recent trip to Morocco. I wore a white tube bra, and

1. pulled the scarf longways from behind my back so that it met equally on both sides in the front;
2. rolled the top over a little, pinning it with a safety pin in the middle so that the scarf ends draped; then
3. I cinched it with a gold belt.

All these Pulgaville well-to-dos were coming up and asking where I got my top, I loved it!!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

World Style

A while ago I posted on world style blogs and websites. Just a heads up - I compiled my favorites and yours (thanks for those comments!) on the lower right. Check them out, it's an inspirational collection. And let me know if you have any cities I left out!

Saving Pennies on Your Skinnies

$24 at

I've been searching for the perfect skinny jeans. It's been tough to find a good pair that (1) is a little stretchy for that perfect form fit (2) doesn't require hemming and (3) is pulga-priced (because, let's face it, how long is this trend going to last???)

I received these honeypies in the mail yesterday and LOVE them. They fit perfectly - I was playing dress up with my ballet flats, stilettos, and slouch boots all night! Ah, sweet skinny success...


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Pretty Pockets

I HEART indie designers! Exhibit A: Smoking Lily. Check out their lovely chandelier-adorned v-neck tee, the insect-bedecked luggage tags and seahorse and birdcage tea towels. My favorite is the leather snap wallet with silk screened moths on the front (pictured) - only $16!

The Smoking Lily designers do all their own cutting, sewing and silk-screening in house -- so you receive your own handmade originals at pulga prices. Go indie go!

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