Saturday, August 05, 2006

Saving Pennies on Your Skinnies

$24 at

I've been searching for the perfect skinny jeans. It's been tough to find a good pair that (1) is a little stretchy for that perfect form fit (2) doesn't require hemming and (3) is pulga-priced (because, let's face it, how long is this trend going to last???)

I received these honeypies in the mail yesterday and LOVE them. They fit perfectly - I was playing dress up with my ballet flats, stilettos, and slouch boots all night! Ah, sweet skinny success...



At August 11, 2006, Blogger Fitzgerald said...

It's gotta be because I live in michigan. But I went out last weekend with a pair of skinnys and stilettos and i got really weird looks! :-(

At August 11, 2006, Anonymous pulga said...

chica, i hear you, i went to school in michigan. i wore a faux leopard coat once (a cute style, not vampy, 3/4 sleeves, not too puffy) and i thought the world around me was going to spontaneously combust - people would not stop giving me strange looks! anyway, i'm sure you looked great and they were just stares of envy!!!

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