Friday, May 19, 2006

50 Under 50

I came across this great post on She's a Betty - 50 summer dresses under $50!

REQUIREMENTS - Each dress must have:

1) have built-in breast support and/or ability to cover bra straps;
2) be machine-washable (hand wash = gentle cycle, line dry);
3) be fully lined or otherwise opaque;
4) not be tacky (i.e. no cheap details, no overly thin fabric, nothingtoo slutty, etc.)

AND, most importantly:
5) not cost more than $50 dollars. There are some exceptions

Oh chicas, now that's the Pulga Spirit!

My favorite is #40, above. I would wear it with red d'orsay pumps, preferably vintage, and a red belt. I don't know why, but I've been coveting that mod pinup look lately, like Teri, above, or Jessica and Carmencita, below:


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