Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dressing Down

My pin-up obsession is no secret. But I have to dress pretty conservatively for work, and have been searching for ways to "dress down" the va-va voom factor of the pin-up look. At a pulga price, of course!

I started with this sheer polka-dot top with a tie at the neck. I snagged it off Punky Style - outside the office I plan to wear it with black bermuda shorts and white peep-toes like Ms. McAdams (right):

$5 at Punky Style

At the waist, over the top, I added a red skinny belt like Terri's here that I bought secondhand for $2:Next are some boring black Nine West slacks ($30 at Marshalls) as a nod to the office ho-hum. But peeking out underneath are these red pumps I found on Ebay - the red is perfect, not orangey as the picture suggests:

$10 on Ebay

The whole outfit is less than $50, but I feel like a million bucks. Just call me Pulga Pin-up!


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